Posted by: scottsaw | November 20, 2009

Two Paintings… Three Generations

I love this photo of me and my pops circa 1972. I’m guessing my mom took it. Oh yes… the hippie daze!

My dad painted this in 1981. It was in our home when it burned and was severely damaged by smoke… he restored it as best he could but much of the color and richness was scrubbed off.  My dad (Jim Saw) taught art at Palomar College for 30 years. He painted and actively showed his work for most of his life. Without a doubt he was my first and has been my strongest influence in becoming an artist myself. He’s doing great these days traveling a bit with his wife Nancy. He has not painted much in recent years. You can see a small sample of his work at .

This photo of my son Kai and I was taken by my girlfriend Erika Petersen at the Wild Animal Park.

My painting “Bear Story” was  based on the photo above. It was the first painting that I made after becoming a single father and represents the bonding of a father and his son on the forefront of a great adventure together.  I have used family photos before as a basis for my work but usually change the figures to make them more universal.  

 Who knows… maybe Kai will make a similar painting too some day.


  1. I love this! Love the whole progression. Happy Father’s day!

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